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Travel Expenses

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner is committed to being open and transparent about its operations and activities. This section of our website contains documents and data the OIPC releases on a routine basis to the public.

Use of data sets on this website are subject to our Open Data Licence, which is based on the Canadian Open Data Licence version 2.0.

Travel Expenses - Commissioner and Deputies

The Commissioner has publicly reported all travel expenses incurred in the course of his or her duties since 2004. Starting in February 2014, the Commissioner's travel expenses are published quarterly in an open data format. In June 2020, Deputy Commissioners' travel expenses were added as an additional dataset.

Before downloading these files, read the OIPC policy on the proactive disclosure of monthly travel expenses. It contains important information about how the OIPC reports travel expenses, and has some helpful explanations for the categories we use.

The Commissioner's travel expenses were last updated July 15, 2024  and include expenses claimed to June 14, 2024. Travel expense reports prior to August 2010 are available below under “Historical travel expense reports."

The Deputy Commissioners'  travel expenses were last updated July 11, 2023 and include expenses claimed to from March 1, 2020 to June 8, 2023.

Summary of Commissioner Travel Expenses by Fiscal Year

Historical Travel Expense Reports: April 2004 - June 2010

Acting Commissioner Paul Fraser:

Commissioner David Loukidelis:


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