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PrivacyRight podcasts present a fictional story based on files and themes that affect private organizations in BC. All characters in the story are fake, but the implications are real.

Episode 1 - Down the rabbit hole 

Ben worked for a tiling company in Northern BC. When he gets laid off and has to start looking for work, he finds out that there is more to the application process than just submitting his resume. 

Episode 2 - Through the haze

In our latest episode, “Through the Haze,” our investigative reporter asks: “Have you ever thought about how any association with the cannabis industry, whether as a user or a worker, could affect your eligibility to enter the US?”

The podcast unravels that thread and the result may surprise – and alarm – you: lifetime bans for admitting past cannabis use in Canada and even a “drug trafficker” label for an engineer developing equipment that could be used in the harvesting of the plant.

Episode 3 - Strata privacy: Rights, cameras and taking action

How is the personal information of the more than 1.5 million people who live in strata housing in BC protected? What laws govern the tremendous amount of personal information that is collected, used and disclosed by stratas? What recourse is there for residents who feel their privacy rights have been violated?

The latest edition of the PrivacyRight podcast, "Strata privacy: rights cameras and taking action," answers these questions and explores some of the most contentious issues relating to privacy in strata housing. These include: how information is handled at strata council meetings; what the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and the Strata Property Act mean in practical terms for people's privacy; and advice for stratas in the social media age.

Joining the discussion are Michael McEvoy, former Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia; Tony Gioventu, head of the Condominium Homeowners Association of British Columbia, Sandy Wagner, president of the Vancouver Island Strata Owners’ Association and two representatives of property management firm, Cornerstone Properties. They share their expertise and on the ground experience in dealing with strata-related privacy concerns. News release with resources.