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Media Room

Welcome to the OIPC media room. Here you will find information about:

Interview requests

Interview requests and media inquiries should be made to Michelle Mitchell at (250) 217-7872 or

Please note that our office cannot comment on or disclose the details of any active investigations, nor will we comment on the legal decisions of our office, such as an Order.

News Releases, Speeches and Commissioner's public comments

If you're looking for a recent public comment, op-ed or letter written by the Commissioner, prepared speech and remarks, or news releases check our News Room section. You can also try using our Advanced Search tool to narrow your request by date, author or topic. If you still can't find what you're looking for, contact us.

Speaking Requests

If you would like to submit a speaking request for an upcoming event, fill out our online speaking request form here.

RSS Feeds

We currently maintain the following RSS feeds:

  • News and Events (News releases, speeches, letters and public comments)
  • Rulings and Reports (Orders, Decisions, Investigation Reports and more)
  • What's New (The whole kit and kaboodle -- everything posted to our "What's New" section)

Commissioner's Biography

Click here to download the Commissioner's biography.

Social Media

The OIPC uses Twitter and a blog to communicate news and to engage British Columbians in discussion on access and privacy issues. Click here to read our social media policy.