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PrivacyRight Fundamentals for Business

PrivacyRight helps small businesses and organizations in BC understand their obligations under the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). Webinars, videos, and podcasts provide educational content in fun and easy to understand formats.

Educational webinars inform business owners, employees, and individuals about the basic obligations of organizations under PIPA. Delivered throughout 2019, the animated webinars walk participants through how to develop a privacy management program, how to write a privacy policy, responding to requests for records, and much more.
Check out our animated pop-up video series that explores how much personal information we encounter on a daily basis. Join Joan over the course of 4 episodes as she goes in for a routine visit to the dentist.
PrivacyRight podcasts present a fictional story based on files and themes that affect private organizations in BC. All characters in the story are fake, but the implications are real.