Key Facts

Total full time staff: 37

Budget for 2016/17: $5,964,000  

2015/16 At a Glance:

Commissioner initiated investigations: 9

Requests for information and correspondence received: 5,737

Speaking engagements: 52

Media inquiries and interview requests: 286

Legislative reviews: 43

Privacy breaches reported by organizations: 154

Privacy Impact Assessments: 48

Policy or issue consultations: 187

Meetings with public bodies and private organizations: 137  

Complaints/Request for Review

Access to information complaints received: 375

Access to information complaints resolved: 369

Privacy complaints received: 207

Privacy complaints resolved: 205

Requests for Review: 654

Requests for Review resolved: 712

Request for time extension by public bodies and private organizations: 734  


Inquiries requested: 98

Orders published: 66