Introducing the OIPC Young Scholars Project

Information and Privacy Commissioner Michael McEvoy announced the launch of the OIPC Young Scholars Project today, on the International Day of Education.

The OIPC Young Scholars Project was developed to showcase the work of exemplary students in access and privacy studies. Professors from BC post-secondary institutions submitted student papers on topics such as right to be forgotten, consent, social media, and data residency. The selected submissions are published on the OIPC website.

“I can’t think of a better time to recognize the work of young scholars in the privacy and access field than on the International Day of Education. This year’s theme, ‘Changing Course, Transforming Education’ succinctly captures the situation in BC, as new amendments to our public sector access and privacy legislation come into force. I am encouraged to see the exceptional work of our youth, the future minds of privacy and access,” said BC Information and Privacy Commissioner Michael McEvoy.

The inaugural set of selected papers are available below.

If you are a student or professor interested in participating in future submissions, contact

DISCLAIMER: The OIPC has published the student papers in their true form, as they were submitted by the professors. The OIPC has not altered, edited, or verified the accuracy of the papers, which are provided for information only. The contents of the papers are not considered legal advice or other advice by the OIPC.

"Low-Rise Renters and Multi-Ethnic Enclaves": How Data Brokers Categorize Canadians by Jessica Percy Campbell, University of Victoria

Data Residency Requirements for Public Bodies in British Columbia by Manveer Sall, University of Victoria

Employee Monitoring in the Privacy Sector: In Search of a Balanced Approach to Privacy Rights and Consent, by Ryan Leggett, University of Victoria

The Inadequacies of British Columbia and Federal Privacy Legislation to Respond to the Practical Realities of Social Media, by Olivia Startup, University of Victoria

The social construction of blockchain privacy platforms, by Jenn Mentanko, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University

Under the Veil: A Critical Examination of the need for Information Commissioners to Review Asserted Privilege, by Christopher Gillespie, York University: Osgoode Hall Law School


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