Handling access requests and complaints: PrivacyRight tools for August

Open, transparent communication is essential to building and strengthening trust between organizations and the people whose personal information they collect, use or disclose. That means being responsive and respectful when dealing with both requests for access to personal records and to complaints about how that information is being handled.

PrivacyRight Webinar 7, Access requests and complaints, offers step-by-step guidance on these oftentimes sensitive interactions.

The webinar looks at organizations’ legal obligations when people request their personal information as well as how those requests should be handled and what responses should include.

And, of course, individuals who trust organizations with their personal information have the right to hold them accountable when they feel that their PI is being mishandled. Our latest webinar walks you through what to do from the moment a complaint is received through to the final response.

In both cases, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner is here to help. The webinar details when and how OIPC staff can assist with access requests and complaints.

Our guidance document, Tips for organizations responding to a privacy complaint under the Personal Information Protection Act, offers additional tools for those in the private sector, while those in the public sector should check out our Top 10 tips for public bodies managing requests for records.

Also be sure to check out our previous PrivacyRight webinars, animated pop-up video series, and podcasts!

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