Building strong security safeguards: #PrivacyRight tools for June

Effective safeguards foster trust between an organization and an individual, while ineffective or missing protections can damage – and in some cases totally destroy – that bond. That’s why it’s so important that your privacy management plan includes security safeguards to protect personal information. This month’s #PrivacyRight tools offer practical tips on how organizations of all sizes can build and strengthen these safeguards.

Here’s a quick look at these tools:

Our fifth #PrivacyRight webinar takes an in-depth look at why security safeguards should be a primary consideration across an organization’s operations. Learn why it’s important to put the right policies and training in place and how to apply physical restrictions that limit access to personal information, so your technological security controls stay one step ahead of online threats. Watch the webinar.

In the fourth and final installment of our #PrivacyRight pop-up animated video series, we rejoin Joan in the dentist’s office to see these concepts and best practices in action. As you’ll see in this video, effective security safeguards can involve everything from keeping areas accessible to the public clear of personal information to designating a privacy officer. Watch the video.

This month’s #PrivacyRight guidance documents offer practical advice to help your organization put these principles into practice. They address some of the most common concerns shared with our office:

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