COVID-19 and the OIPC

The OIPC continues to provide service to the public, public bodies, and private sector. To protect the health of our employees and to do our part to slow community transmission of the COVID-19 virus, most OIPC staff have now transitioned to working remotely. This will mean that, for the time being, our Office will not receive in person visits from those we serve. We will post updates on our website and social media channels as the situation continues to unfold.

Data Privacy Day 2018 - Respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust

Let’s face it – protecting data in our digital society isn’t easy. Devices intended to improve our lives also collect an astounding amount of information about you, your family, and friends. Voice assistant technology, connected devices, and apps that give you remote access to your home sound pretty convenient. But before you unlock your front door with your phone, think about this: in 2016, 2.2 billion data records were compromised and vulnerabilities were uncovered in products and services, such as baby monitors and door locks. Yikes!

September 26 – Oct 2 is Right to Know Week!

Today kicks off our celebration of Right to Know Week, dedicated to the promotion of freedom of information worldwide. Originating in Bulgaria in 2002, the right to know movement is celebrated by approximately 40 countries and 60 non-governmental organizations on September 28 every year.

Upcoming conference to probe future of privacy

On Nov. 12 and 13, the OIPC will host “Privacy and Access 20/20: The Future of Privacy" with our partner, Reboot Communications. The conference will bring stakeholders from the public, private and non-profit sectors together at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel for some thought-provoking, content from experts in industry, government, academic institutions and civil society. Here are some thoughts on the topic from Commissioner Elizabeth Denham.

Your Right to Know: 8 books for your shelf

Every year I look forward to Right to Know week, because it gives us a chance to celebrate and acknowledge the value of access to information rights. As an avid book-lover and dedicated book-club member, it seemed like a good opportunity to share some of my top picks for books that could find a home in the "access to information" section of your bookshelf.

Check out our latest PrivacyRight products!

This month, learn about accountability and the benefits of implementing a privacy management program. We have several online tools for you to explore, including two webinars (each with printer-friendly notes), a video, and podcast. Dig a little deeper with our related guidance documents, then take our privacy assessment challenge.